Camera+ for iPhone unveils Apple Watch remote app and selfie widget button

Camera Plus for iPhone selfie widget button

If Camera+ by Taptaptap is your daily driver when it comes to iPhone photography, you must have been yearning for a companion Apple Watch app, right? I know I have. Tankfully, today’s update saw to that.

Camera+ 6.3 for iPhone adds a pair of interesting improvements. The first, as I mentioned, is a companion app for your Apple Watch for controlling Camera+ on your iPhone remotely, similar to the device’s built-in Camera Remote application.

The other addition enhances the app’s widget, injecting a handy selfie widget button into iOS 8’s Notification Center.

As show below, the Apple Watch component lets you snap photos remotely, along with triggering shots via the built-in timer. Sadly, it won’t show a live preview on your wrist of what your iPhone’s camera is seeing.

Camera Plus for Apple Watch screenshot 001

The new selfie widget button is pictured top of post.

With it, you can launch Camera+ to your iPhone’s front-facing camera right from the Lock screen and Notification Center.

To enable the widget, pull down on any Home screen to bring up the Notification Center. In the Today section, tap Edit at the bottom. Now tap the plus sign next to Camera+ and hit Done in the upper right corner.

To customize what appears in the widget, launch Camera+, bring up its settings and make your choices under the Extensions section. You can enable or disable Photography Tips, Take Photo/Take Selfie buttons and the Photo Quote of the Day.

If your favorite iPhone camera app hasn’t been updated with a WatchKit extension yet, keep in mind that you can use Apple Watch’s Digital Crown as a remote shutter in any app that supports using the handset’s volume button as the shutter.

You won’t get any of the fancy features of a dedicated Apple Watch app such as timers and live previews, but the trick will get the job done.

This update is free to existing users of Camera+.

The 62.1-megabyte app requires an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later.

Camera+ for iPhone is $2.99 in the App Store.