Sunrise Calendar and Wunderlist integrate, letting you create and manage Wunderlist tasks in Sunrise

Sunrise Wunderlist integration iPad screenshot 001

6Wunderkinder GmbH, the German developer behind the popular task/to-do app Wunderlist, and the team behind the cross-platform calendar application Sunrise Calendar, on Thursday announced feature-rich integration between the two apps.

The move allows fans of both services to create Wunderlist tasks directly in Sunrise, write a Wunderlist task as done and change its due date in Sunrise and more.

To connect your Wunderlist account to Sunrise Calendar, head to Sunrise’s settings on your iPhone or iPad and choose Add Account. Select Wunderlist amongst the other apps, tap on Connect and enter the email address and password of your Wunderlist account.

Now all your Wunderlist tasks that have a due date will show up in Sunrise’s daily view on the right day as an All-Day event. You can also choose which lists you want to see in Sunrise in the Visible Calendars section.

Creating Wunderlist tasks in Sunrise is as easy as creating a new event, like you normally would, and choosing one of your Wunderlist lists as the calendar.

Any event created in Sunrise will instantly appear as a task in Wunderlist. As mentioned before, to change due dates of Wunderlist tasks just drag and drop them from one day to another in Sunrise.

Sunrise Wunderlist integration iPhone screenshot 001

When you mark a task as done in Wunderlist, a checkmark will automatically appear in Sunrise right next to it. Tasks checked off in Wunderlist will move to the bottom of Sunrise’s list so you can look back at all the to-dos you’ve completed.

Having your tasks and to-do lists integrated this way is great for people like myself who rely on both productivity apps in today’s cross-platform computing world.

Sunrise Wunderlist integration iPhone screenshot 002

To connect Wunderlist to Sunrise on the web

Step 1: Go to and sign into your Sunrise account.

Step 2: Inside Sunrise click on the cog icon at the top left to open the Sunrise preferences.

Step 3: Now select the Accounts tab.

Step 4: Look for Wunderlist inside the list of integrations, click on Connect on the right side and sign into your Wunderlist account.

Sunrise, which Microsoft snapped up last month, files as the only iOS calendar to support push for Google Calendar. Microsoft has promised to keep Sunrise mobile apps alive as standalone products while using the startup’s technology for its own future products

As Sunrise has released its Public API last week, additional integrations are on the way, including Slack, Hipchat, Zapier, Scanbot and OneNote, just to name a few.

Just a few days ago, Sunrise launched an iOS 8 keyboard called Meet which allows users to schedule one-to-one meetings right from the Meet keyboard, in any app.

Download Sunrise Calendar and Wunderlist free in the App Store.