Sunrise Calendar update introduces Meet, the fastest way to schedule one-to-one meetings

Sunrise Calendar for Android (Everywhere)

Sunrise, a powerful cross-platform calendar application, on Thursday launched Meet, a companion iOS 8 keyboard specifically designed to make scheduling one-to-one meetings ridiculously easy.

Available as a free update to the Sunrise app in the App Store, Meet lets you schedule one-to-ones with another party like a pro, without having to leave the context of the app you’re currently in or switch to Sunrise for that matter.

“Meet is a keyboard for Android and iOS that lets you select available time slots in your calendar without leaving the app you’re in and send them to anyone through a simple link, even if they don’t use Sunrise,“ reads the blurb.

You just pick available spots in your week and the place you want to meet, right from the Meet keyboard, and send them to anyone through a short link. To prevent double-booking, the Meet keyboard always displays real-time availabilities for iCloud and Google Calendar.

It’s really cool and works better than you might expect. Check out the animated GIF below.

Sunrise Meet iOS keyboard iPhone screenshot 001

When the recipient picks the time which works best for them, the event is automatically added to both your calendars in Sunrise. Again, without having to switch to the Sunrise app at all.

Here’s Meet in action.

To RSVP to a Meet, just click on the Meet link in your email to decide what time works best for you. You can respond to a RSVP even if you’re not using Sunrise. When done, the event will be automatically created in both calendars.

Sunrise Meet iOS keyboard iPhone screenshot 002

Privacy freaks needn’t worry as Sunrise’s solution respects your privacy.

“Meet lets you share available time slots of your choice,” they state. “And that’s all. No one will see any events from your calendar.”

This feature is available on desktop and the web as well, with support for group meetings coming down the pipeline in a future update.

In case you missed it, Microsoft bought Sunrise last month.

The Windows maker will reportedly keep Sunrise’s mobile apps alive as standalone products while using some of its technology for its own future products. It’s interesting that Sunrise to this date remains the only calendar on iOS to support push for Google Calendar.

Download Sunrise Calendar free in the App Store and Mac App Store.