How to customize the color palette for Digital Touch on Apple Watch

Color Pallete Digital Touch Apple Watch

Are you finding the seven colors on the Digital Touch color palette a little restrictive? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could customize the color palette?

Although you can only use one color at any given time for a sketch or a tap, it is possible to customize the color that you use outside of the six stock colors. Check out our tutorial to see how.

How to customize the color picker for Digital Touch

Step 1: Press the side button

Step 2: Tap a friend

Step 3: Tap the Digital Touch button

Step 4: Tap the color picker button in the upper right-hand corner

Step 5: Tap and hold (not Force Touch) on one of the 6 colors (excluding white)

Step 7: Drag the circle on the color wheel until you find the color you want. You can also use the Digital Crown to select your color more carefully

Step 8: Tap Done

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to select a new color on the fly, and changes persist so that you only have to customize the color once if it’s a color you really enjoy using.

After a while, the seven colors (including white) that come preset in the Digital Touch color palette get a little old, so it’s nice that we have the ability to select your own colors. What do you think? Have you customized the colors on your Digital Touch palette yet?

Color Pallete Digital Touch Apple Watch Orange

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