You can now check in to places from your wrist with Swarm for Apple Watch

Swarm 2.3 for iOS Apple Watch screenshot 001

Swarm, Foursquare’s dedicated location check-in application for the iPhone, received a nice little update Monday, adding the Apple Watch component which allows you to easily check in to places and see who’s nearby.

This is especially handy considering that Foursquare’s main iPhone and Apple Watch app lacks this functionality as it’s now focused on finding places to eat, drink and visit.

On the iPhone, Swarm 2.3 now puts all your stickers in their very own tab, as evidenced by the screenshot below. They’ve also added a hundred new unlocakable stickers, some evolved from the old badges, and a lot of new challenges — in line with the overall gamification of Swarm.

With these Swarm updates, the app now gives you “a quick way to check on your progress and see hints for unlocking stickers,” said Foursquare. To unlock stickers, simply continue checking in to places around you.

As a bonus, you can now add your hard-earned stickers to other check-ins and even to photos, or send them in messages.

Swarm 2.3 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

The company is promising “even more fun things” coming down the pipeline soon. As mentioned before, Foursquare’s main iPhone application is now focused on finding places to eat, drink and visit as all of the previously available gamefied features have moved to Swarm a year ago.

For what it’s worth, Foursquare is promising to bring mayorships back to Swarm soon. “All your check-ins now will count towards them, so go out there and start conquering your neighborhood,” release notes read.

The Apple Watch component of the main Foursquare app is somewhat underwhelming, letting you only find interesting places and points of interest nearby and nothing else, really.

Download Swarm for iPhone free in the App Store.