How to turn Do Not Disturb on/off on Apple Watch

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Do Not Disturb is a feature that first appeared on the iPhone. It allows you to suppress notifications so that you aren’t interrupted by alerts. The same principal works on Apple Watch.

You can enable Do Not Disturb directly from the Apple Watch settings. You can also choose to mirror Do Not Disturb settings so that the effect takes place on both devices. Do Not Disturb is a great way to make sure that your Apple Watch doesn’t alert you during meetings, while sleeping, or any other situation where silence may be needed.

How to enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

Step 1: Open the Settings app

Step 2: Tap Do Not Disturb

Step 3: Enable the Do Not Disturb switch

If you have the Mirror iPhone switch enabled in the Do Not Disturb section of the Apple Watch companion app on the iPhone, then enabling Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch will also enable it on the iPhone and vice versa.

DND Apple Watch iPhone App

How to enable Do Not Disturb mirroring

Step 1: Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone

Step 2: Tap the My Watch tab

Step 3: Tap Do Not Disturb

Step 4: Enable the Mirror iPhone switch

You can enable Do Not Disturb on the iPhone via Control Center or via Settings → Do Not Disturb. Your settings for  Allow Calls From or Repeated Calls from Settings → Do Not Disturb will also be mirrored as well. Have a look at our full Apple Watch guide for more details on all things Apple Watch.