Apple Watch featured in May issue of Canadian fashion mag Flare

Apple Watch Flare Mat 2015 magazine cover

Following a barrage of editorials and photo shoots published by prominent lifestyle and fashion magazines around the world, Apple’s wearable device has now graced the cover of the May issue of Flare, a Canadian fashion magazine, as first noticed by MacRumors.

The magazine’s two separate covers feature Academy Award nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld who poses wearing an Apple Watch Sport in both Silver and Space Gray, accompanied by a featured article providing a closer look at the Watch’s many features outside of the usual timekeeping and health and fitness tracking functions.

As shown on the image top of post, one cover depicts Steinfeld wearing a Space Gray Apple Watch Sport with a Black Sport Band. An alternate cover has her wearing a stainless steel Apple Watch with a White Sport Band.

Flare’s ‘Fifteen things you can do with Apple Watch’ listicle includes items such as accessorizing, getting your caffeine fix, boarding a plane, snapping images, improving one’s health, controlling a car, unlocking hotel rooms, using Siri and more.

The device has thus far graced covers of nearly ten high-profile lifestyle, fashion and fitness magazines ahead of its April debut, including Vogue in the United States and China, East Touch in Hong Kong, Yoho in China, Self in the United States, Style in the United Kingdom, Fitness Magazine and Elle in Australia.

Source: Flare via MacRumors