NYT launches one-sentence stories on Apple Watch

NYT One-sentence stories for Apple Watch screenshot 001

If you ever wondered how the Apple Watch’s tiny screen might lend itself to news consumption, one possible answer came Tuesday as The New York Times newspaper announced one-sentence stories designed specifically for the Apple Watch.

It’s like the ultimate news summarization technology, only curated fully by human editors and copywriters. This new form of storytelling should help readers “catch up in seconds” on Apple’s wearable device.

Designed specially for small screens, one-sentence stories will provide the news at a glance across many Times sections, including Business, Politics, Science, Tech and The Arts.

Each story is accompanied by a photo, one sentence of news digest and bulleted summaries. You can save any story for later and even use Handoff to continue reading on your iPhone or iPad.

“Editors on three continents will be dedicated to The Times’s core mobile apps, including Watch, 24 hours a day,” said the news organization.

The Times’s breaking news alerts, which reach nearly 15 million devices, will also extend to the Apple Watch. The paper’s Watch app.

Apple’s Apple Watch micro-site highlights the New York Times’ Watch app:

Get the news you need in a moment. Swipe through breaking news and short stories crafted specially for Apple Watch. Use Handoff to read more on your iPhone or iPad, or tap “Save for Later” to build a personal reading list.

Like other Watch apps, the paper’s Watch software is actually an iOS 8 extension of their iOS app which runs on your iPhone. The NYT Watch app will be free for all users and will be available when the device is released on April 24.

Source: The New York Times