New Apple Wireless keyboard with backlit keys appears on Apple’s online store


An updated version of Apple’s wireless keyboard appeared on Apple’s Czech Republic online store on Monday, most notably packing a backlit keyboard.

Apple hasn’t updated the product description noting the backlit feature, however the F5 and F6 keys indicate dimming and brightening functionality like found on Apple’s laptop line. The keys have also seen a slight redesign, and the CD eject button has been replaced with a power button. 

We’ll be tracking other Apple Stores for more information. We’ve reached out to Apple in hopes of learning more.

We wonder if the new keyboard packs the reinvented “butterfly” mechanism, which more evenly distributes the pressure on a single key than the traditional “scissor” mechanism. It supposedly moves less and can provide a better typing experience, Apple said, when it unveiled the feature on the new MacBook.

Update 4:00PM EST: Still nothing from Apple on the rest of its online stores.

Source: via Roman Zavrel