Poll: which new MacBook finish would you opt for?

new MacBook silver gold space gray

If someone told me Apple would release a notebook in faux gold, I’d call them crazy and out of touch with reality, but that’s exactly what the company has done with the new 12-inch MacBook adopting the same Space Gray, Silver and Gold color scheme popularized by iOS devices.

Say you were in the market for that machine, which finish would you go with: the unassuming Silver, the subdued Space Gray or “a stunning gold,” as Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing honcho, put it unveiling the machine at the “Spring Forward“?

Pictured top of post: Space Gray, Silver and Gold MacBook finishes.

I myself am a Space Gray type of guy: my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air are Space Gray models. Given that I’ll be picking up a 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray with a Black Sport Band, I would clearly pick up a matching Space Gray variant of the new MacBook were I to buy a new notebook.

Cast your vote now.

As a quick recap, the new MacBook has a twelve-inch 2,304-by-1,440 pixel resolution Retina screen and a brand new Force Touch trackpad that abandons the traditional mechanical design in favor of four pressure sensors and Haptic Engine from the Apple Watch.

Inside, there’s a 67 percent smaller logic board featuring a 1.1GHz 14-nanometer Intel Core M chip. Another markedly different feature compared to the existing lineup: a USB-Type C port replacing the MagSafe adapter, the previous USB ports, Lightning I/O, DisplayPort and HDMI.

Twelve inch MacBook Silver closeup 001

The new MacBook’s redesigned battery allows for none hours of web surfing and up to ten hours of iTunes movie playback.

“It’s the world’s most energy efficient notebook,” Apple says.

By the way, the Apple logo on the lid no longer glows.

We want to hear your reasoning so feel free to explain your choice of a MacBook finish down in the comment section.