Apple to launch new trade-in program for Android switchers

Apple Store Front logo San Francisco

Apple will soon introduce a new trade-in program that will accept Androids and other non-Apple smartphones, reports 9to5Mac. Citing sources familiar with the upcoming rollout, the outlet says the program will be very similar to Apple’s existing iPhone trade-in program, which provides customers with gift cards to be used towards the purchase of a new iPhone.

Trade-in values of smartphones will be determined by Apple Store representatives, based on the age of the device as well as its cosmetic and functioning condition. The reps are said to be beginning extensive training sessions later this week, which will better prepare them to appraise these new devices when the program launches sometime in “the coming weeks.”

The move is the latest in Apple’s larger campaign to increase iPhone sales within its retail stores. In July of 2013 Tim Cook held a secret summit for Apple’s retail leadership, noting that although 80% of iPhones were not sold at Apple Stores, the chain accounted for at least 50% of all repairs and replacements. He then outlined his plan to change those numbers.

Since then, Apple has gone on the offensive with a new trade-in program, various in-store promotions and even offering free content within the Apple Store app to attract users. And it all seems to be working too. In January, Apple announced that it sold over 70 million iPhones during the holiday quarter, and it’s on track to sell another 50+ million this quarter.

Source: 9to5Mac