Here’s how iOS 8.3’s new Conversation List Filter works for the Messages app

Conversation List Filtering Preferences

iOS 8.3 brings a fairly significant new feature to the stock Messages app—Conversation List Filtering. This means that instead of just having one single “inbox” for conversations in the Messages app, you now have two, broken up via two tabs: Contacts & SMS and Filtered.

To enable the Conversation List Filter feature, head over to Settings →  Messages and flip the switch.

The Contacts and SMS tab features conversations by known iMessage contacts and SMS messages. The Filtered tab contains all messages from unknown correspondents—contacts that aren’t contained in your contacts app.

Messages Filtered Contacts and SMS

This new feature makes it easy to quickly separate important messages from potential junk and spam messages. In fact, Apple makes it so that you can quickly report junk messages that appeal in your Filtered list.

Delete and report junk

What do you think about this new Messages app feature? Do you think that it’ll make managing your Messages easier?