How to quickly hide all apps except for the active one on Mac

Hide All Apps on Mac

I’m pretty messy when it comes to working on my Mac. I multitask a lot, and as such, I always have a gazillion windows open at any given time. But sometimes I need to focus, and when those times come, I like to get rid of every potential distraction and hone in on a specific app. macOS contains a very handy shortcut that allows you to do just that.

How to hide all apps except the current one

To hide every other app except for the app that you’re currently working on, do the following:

Step 1: Open the app that you wish to keep open.

Step 2: Click the name of the app in the menu bar.

Step 3: Click Hide Others.

You can also use a simple keyboard shortcut: Option (⌥)+Command (⌘)+H and that will hide all other applications as well.

I seriously use this handy shortcut every single day that I use my Mac. As someone who always has a ton of different windows open, I couldn’t live without this shortcut.

What do you think? Do you often hide other apps so that you can focus on a particular task? Sound off down below with your thoughts and use-cases.