Personal engraving will be reportedly available for Apple Watch

Apple Watch flying 002

Apple has long offered an option to add a free laser-engraved message to any new iPod or iPad sold through its online store and now a fresh new rumor out of France is claiming that the forthcoming Apple Watch will offer customers free personal engravings as well.

Though not quite sure if the customization option will be available from day one, French blog iPhonote reportedly heard from an anonymous source involved with Apple that the company will eventually offer free laser-cut custom messages on Watches.

According to the publication, buyers will be able to optionally apply laser engraving when buying their Watch through the Online Apple Store, just like with the iPhone and iPad (Apple does not offer laser engraving on in-store purchases).

iPad Air 2 personal engraving 001

Despite the website’s sketchy track record in breaking Apple news, I don’t have any doubts that Apple will offer a laser engraving option for the Watch.

Apple makes a point that adding a personal laser-engraved message to any iPod or iPad makes it “a gift they’ll never forget.”

iPod nano personal engraving 001

And with the Apple Watch being billed as “Apple’s most personal device ever,” laser-etched messages would only reinforce the device’s sharp focus on individualism and personalization exhibited in varied bands, different Watch editions and tons of watch faces available to users.

Apple Watch sensor

One thing to consider: there may not be any space left on the back of the wearable where personal messages could fit, as shown above.

What would you say with a free engraving if you were buying a Watch?

Source: iPhonote (Google Translate)