Adonit stylus maker launches Forge, visual thinking app for iPad

Forge by Adonit 1.0 for iOS iPad screenshot 001

Adonit, the maker of precision styluses for the iPad, released its first iOS application aimed at artists and creative professionals in a need of a digital storyboard to form their thoughts, draw sketches, express their ideas and more.

Available at no cost in the App Store, Forge for iPad works with your finger and fully supports the features of the company’s Jot Touch styluses, like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection and custom shortcuts.

“Pull in inspiration, put your thoughts on paper, and push them ahead through drafts,” says the blurb. “Flow from one sketch straight into the next. Make mistakes and try again.”

After importing an image from the iOS Photos app or Dropbox, you can start shaping and putting your thoughts and ideas on the digital canvas.

The app lets you take advantage of simple brushes and layers, which let you keep the parts that are working and leave the rest in the last draft.

“Sketches are easily copied from one idea to build the next,” Adonit said. Using gestures, you can quickly jump between the different layers on a sketch.

Forge by Adonit 1.0 for iOS iPad screenshot 002

The Portfolio view is especially nice.

Here, you can navigate all your projects and build up your portfolio of sketches, ideas and notes. The Project Wall displays all your sketches side-by-side, and you can organize them whichever way you see fit, including sorting them into piles.

Check out Forge in action in the promo video below.


  • Build your ideas — Work like visual thinkers do: Pull in inspiration images, put your ideas on paper, and push them forward.
  • Each new idea is a swipe away — Flow quickly from one draft to the next. Make mistakes and try again. It’s not about perfection, it’s about productivity.
  • Keep an eye on your progress
    • Pinch out to see all your ideas side-by-side on the Project Wall. (Unlimited walls available for $3.99.)
    • Sort ideas into collections.
    • Jump right back to work when your next idea comes.
  • Focused, fast and fluid — Pen to paper, paper to wall, and back again. That’s the workflow. So you stay moving, and your ideas stay with you.

A one-time $4 In-App Purchase unlocks unlimited projects (the app includes two free projects). On a related note, FiftyThree in a recent refresh of its Paper app has made all of its drawing tools free to download.

Forge by Adonit 1.0 for iOS iPad screenshot 003

Forge is compatible with the iPad and iPad mini running iOS 8.0 or later.

Download the app free of charge in the App Store.