Fleksy’s Valentine’s Day update brings Hotkey extensions, animated themes and more

Fleksy Keyboard Valentines Day 2015 promo

Yesterday, Fleksy announced a major Valentine’s Day themed update to its record-smashing software keyboard for the iPhone and iPad.

Fleksy Keboard 5.2, a free update for existing users, brings out a myriad of new features, including animated themes through an Energy Theme Pack, a slew of customizable Extensions, Valentine hearts animations upon each key press, custom phrases or email addresses and much more.

The new Energy Theme Pack packs three distinctly animated themes that elevate your experience, making it more delightful. The aforementioned new feature that animates a colorful heart with every key press is delivered via a new Heartpops extension.

Another extension called Hotkey lets you add a row containing seven customizable hotkeys that can be assigned things like custom phrases, email addresses, emoji characters and more.

Case-sensitive layout has been added (visit in-app settings), your dictionary now syncs between devices via iCloud and additional keys are now accessible on the iPad and on the iPhone in landscape mode.

The globe icon (long-tap it for more options) is customizable as well, allowing you to replace it with emoji, a comma or a dismiss keyboard button in settings.

Lastly, every Fleksy Keyboard user will receive a free Valentine’s Day theme tomorrow, February 14.

Fleksy Keyboard 5.2 changelog:

  • New features:
    • The Energy Theme Pack! Breathe more life into your keyboard with these animated themes.
    • The Hotkey Extension! Add a row of customizable keys for things you type often like emojis, symbols or email addresses.
    • Heart Pops! Make your keys pop with hearts with this lovely Extension.
    • Magic Button! Replace the globe with emoji, a comma, or a dismiss keyboard button in settings. Also, long-press the globe button for more options.
    • Case-sensitive layout. Enable this feature in Settings.
    • iCloud Sync. Now your dictionary words will sync automatically across your devices.
    • More keys have been added to landscape orientation on iPhone (portrait for iPad). You can disable this layout in Settings.
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed a bug where the keyboard keys would be misaligned in some apps.
    • Many other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fleksy introduced customizable keyboard extensions back in December as part of the major 5.0 update that included various typing improvements and more than thirty theme packs, some paid and others free.

The 53.9-megabyte app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 8.0 or later.

Fleksy Keyboard is 99 cents in the App Store.

Source: Fleksy Blog