Infuse 3.2 rolls out with Google Cast support, direct web streaming and more

Infuse 3 (iPhone screenshot 001)

Infuse, a versatile media player for the iPhone and iPad by jailbreak developer FireCore (the brains behind the aTV Flash Black software), has been infused this morning with more than a dozen new features, improvements and enhancements.

Among other items, Infuse 3.2 can stream/download video from direct web URLs and has beta support for Google Cast, the search giant’s version of AirPlay.

The freemium app is available at no cost in the App Store, with advanced features locked behind a Pro upgrade via the In-App Purchase mechanism.

“Google Cast is marked as a beta in this version as we want to get some real world feedback before we call it final,” FireCore told me via email.

Google Cast streaming allows you to sling your favorite content from an iPhone or iPad to any TV that has Google’s $35 Chromecast device attached (works with the Nexus Player, too).

Again, it’s a beta feature so unexpected behavior should not surprise you as they’re collecting feedback from early adopters and smoothing out the rough edges.

Google Cast support is available to Infuse Pro users, and can be enabled in the Infuse sidebar settings menu.

Other enhancements in Infuse 3.2:

  • Stream from FTP/SFTP sources
  • Stream/download from direct web URLs
  • Support for styled SSA/ASS subtitles
  • Better handling of TV shows downloaded from shares
  • Improved stability when browsing SMB shares
  • Fixed cover art while AirPlaying
  • Fixed subtitle timing offsets
  • trakt related improvements
  • Many other minor imrovements and fixes

Infuse lets you access and render just about any video and audio media file type you could think of, especially foreign and obscure formats that iOS does not support natively.

Infuse 3.2 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

The application can stream movies along with subtitles over AirPlay to your big screen TV and taps the power of Apple’s in-house designed processors to decode media directly on your iPhone or iPad, without depending on a media server running on your Mac or Windows PC to convert media on the fly, like Plex’s iOS app does.

I use Infuse on a regular basis to stream all kinds of videos from my AirPort Time Capsule wireless base station’s built-in 3TB hard drive and it’s been working for me like a charm.

The 17-megabyte app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 7.0 or later.

Grab Infuse for free in the App Store.

Source: Infuse