The Walking Dead wallpapers for iPhone and iPad


A zombie killing phenomenon, The Walking Dead winter season premier is tonight on AMC, for those viewers in the US. Now in season 5, the show is known for its dramatic thriller storyline that involves a group of once strangers surviving in a post-apocalyptic environment. As the name suggests, not only does the group struggles through personal relationships, but also continuously runs from zombies.

The show easily captures an environment without standard daily life, using vast sweeping shots of vacant territories, empty vehicles, and dilapidated buildings to emphasize the current destruction of mankind. Inside, find a set of Walking Dead wallpapers inspired by the series and the destructed world that is home to zombies.

The Walking Dead wallpapers


Download: iPad; iPhone

Walking Dead Rick 2048x2048

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Download: iPhone


Every so often, we correlate wallpaper posts with movies and TV series. Game of Thrones will be coming back out in just a couple months. If you have any amazing GOT wallpapers make sure to send them my way via Twitter @jim_gresham. Make sure that your images are pre-formatted for iPad’s retina screen or iPhone 6 Plus!