Pushbullet sends all of your iOS notifications to your computer

Pushbullet 1

Just in case you weren’t hearing enough dings, pings, and beeps from your various devices, now you can add one more to the mix. You may be able to get email, chat, and Facebook notification on OS X, but there are so many more alerts you miss out on when you are away from your iPhone. Plus, if you don’t use a Mac computer, you have even less options for syncing with your iOS device.

Pushbullet is a syncing app that shows you all of the notifications you receive on your iOS devices right on your Mac or PC. Plus, it acts as a channel so you can share links, pictures, and more between devices.

Pushbullet 3

You’ll have to download both the Mac app (or Windows) and the iOS app to make the most use of the services. Once downloaded, log in either via Facebook or Google to connect all of your devices.

Next, configure the Mac app to enable Pushbullet notifications, allow universal copy-and-paste, and send iOS notifications to your Mac.

Pushbullet 2

Then, whenever you receive a notification on your iPhone or iPad, you will receive a notification on your desktop or laptop as well. Not just email or text messages. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Skype. Anything you get a notification for on iOS will appear on your computer.

Pushbullet 5

The app also links your mobile device to your computer so you can quickly send links, pictures, and text through universal copy-and-paste. To send text, simply copy text from either iOS or your computer. Then, open Pushbullet and create a message. Select the device you wish to send to, enter a title, and paste the content into the form. Tap “Push it” to send the data to the device of your choice.

Pictures can either be sent directly from the Pushbullet app, or while in the Photos app for iOS. Add Pushbullet to your list of available extensions and you will be able to send pictures to any synced device.

Pushbullet 4

The companion browser extension allows you to quickly share a link right from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Once installed, you can quickly share a link simply by selecting the browser extension. It will automatically include a link for the current web page along with its title.

Even though this app is plenty useful for Mac and iOS users, it works even better for people with a combination of Android and PC devices. It allows you to include devices that normally can’t connect to each other for a better workflow.

Pushbullet is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. The Mac app and companion browser are also free. Download them today.