23 new jailbreak tweaks to check out

Cydia Expert mode iPhone 6

Looking at the amount of new tweaks released this past week, it seems that there definitely is a slowdown happening. For reference, the last couple weeks had seen 30+ releases, some of them being massive tweaks too.

The last few days have indeed been more quiet, and the Jailbreak Tweaks section on iDB is a testimony of that. But let’s not get discouraged. Maybe it was just one of those slow weeks, and things will pick up again in the next few days. In the meantime, have a look at these 23 tweaks and let us know which ones have peeked your interest.

Artless: hides the Now Playing artwork on the Lock screen (free)

BetterDelete: gives more details about the apps you’re about to delete (free)

Call Enhancer: adds a couple interesting features to the Phone app (free)

ClearNotificationButtons: makes the notification slider on the Lock screen and Notification Center clear (free)

CopyCurrentPlaying: copy the current or last song details to the clipboard (free)

Dank Meme: removes your mentions in the Twitter app (free)

Ember: an extension for the Tinder app ($1.99)

Envelope: native Quick Reply for the Telegram app ($1.49)

NCBrowser 8: brings a web browser to Notification Center ($2.99)

NCIfNeeded: opens Notification Center to the relevant section, depending on notifications (free)

NoAppStoreRedirect: blocks automatic redirects to the App Store (free)

Pasithea: a clipboard manager ($1.99)

SafariAlwaysPrivate8: forces Safari to always be in Private Mode (free)

Search Widget: brings a Google search widget to iPhone and iPad ($1.50)

See Tweets From People Who Blocked You: self explanatory name (free)

SetPan: allows to fine tune the audio pan slider of the Hearing accessibility settings (free)

ShowSongMetadata: see the metadata of songs directly from the Music app (free)

SimpleCCMedia: hides music controls in Control Center when no music is playing (free)

Snapi: adds several features to Snapchat ($1.99)

SwipeButtonColor: customizes the color and shape of the notification slider on the Lock screen and Notification Center (free)

Tweet2Safari: open links from Tweetbot or Twitter apps in Safari (free)

Vine12s: record Vine videos of up to 12 seconds (free)

WidgetWeather2: adds a weather widget on the Lock screen (free)

As always, feel free to add tweaks to this list, if you think we’ve missed any.