Apple SVP Phil Schiller tears Google Glass to shreds in email exchange

Google Glass iOS (teaser 002)

Phil Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing, didn’t have kind words to share when emailed about Google Glass, the search giant’s experimental wearable that’s about to be mass produced for consumers in 2015.


While the email is from 2012, it provides an interesting stance on Apple’s view on wearables. Samsung and Google may be planning wearables for your head, but if Schiller’s point of view should be taken for Apple’s overall direction, don’t expect it from the Cupertino-based company any time soon.

Schiller said on Glass: “can’t believe they think anyone (normal) will ever wear these things. It reminds me of the push to market video goggles a few years back.”


Schiller was responding to an email from Tech blogger Abdel Ibrahim who emailed Schiller a blog post from The Tech Block that poked fun at a picture of Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing Glass, comparing the eyewear to Steve Martin’s ridiculous glasses in the film “The Jerk.”

In other Google Glass news, sales of the wearable officially ended on Monday. Google announced last week that it’s restructuring the Glass component of Google, graduating it from experimental to a full fledge division lead by iPod godfather Tony Fadell.

In honor of Google Glass’ end – at least the version we’ve known since 2012 – here’s Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” poking fun at the $1,300 wearable.

Source: Business Insider