Facebook will continue efforts to move away from one single app on iOS


Facebook is not going to change. It plans to continue filling up your iPhone and iPad homescreens with multiple apps.

The social network giant confirmed in a statement to CBC News that it will continue moving away from one single Facebook app, and instead break its features into several apps on the iTunes App Store.

In 2014, the social network reached nine different apps on the iTunes App Store for the iPhone: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Pages Manager, Paper, Facebook Groups, Slingshot, Rooms, Facebook Mentions, and Stickered for Messenger.

“We’re getting away from that single app that does everything for you. We released nine different apps in 2014 and I think what you’ll see is we’ll release more in 2015 — at the demand and behest of our users,” Jordan Banks, the managing director of Facebook Canada and the global head of vertical strategy, said.

It started bothering many users of the main Facebook app that they were being forced them to download Facebook Messenger to send and receive messages. As a result there’s 500 million people using the Messenger app, according to the executive, and Facebook dominates the top charts on iTunes with three of the top 10 on the free chart.

“(Users) want single apps that do one thing incredibly well. So one of the reasons we took Messenger out of the (Facebook) app and gave it its own standalone app is because that’s what our users were telling us. They didn’t want to click two or three times before they got into Messenger,” Banks told CBC News.

Do you agree? Would you rather want one Facebook app or multiple?

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