Adopt your own candy-crunching monster in My Om Nom virtual pet simulator

My Om Nom for iOS iPhone screenshot 005

As previously hinted, Russian developer ZeptoLab of the Cut the Rope fame on Thursday launched a pet simulator game for the iPhone and iPad featuring Om Nom, a cutesy candy-loving monster who stars in the Cut the Rope physics-based puzzle series.

In My Om Nom, the lead character gets an attractive female company as Om Nelle, a little candy-eating monster girl, makes an appearance.

Developed in partnership with Dynamic Pixels, the family-focused game has you attending to your pet’s daily needs by playing with him, bathing him, feeding him sweeties and generally doing whatever it takes to keep him happy.

In addition, you can decorate Om Nom’s or Om Nelle’s home and even visit other players’ houses. Simple mini games and optional quests to complete round up this nicely designed kids game.

My Om Nom for iOS iPhone screenshot 004

Cut the Rope games have been downloaded more than 600 million times to date and are available across a variety of major platforms including iOS, Android, OS X, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and on the web as an HTML5 app running in a desktop browser.

My Om Nom for iOS iPhone screenshot 002

According to a media release, ZeptoLabs has several new titles in the pipeline that will get released throughout 2015.

Features include:

  • Your own Om Nom — Take good care of the adorable monster from the famous Cut the Rope puzzle. Play with him, bathe him, and feed him regularly with candy.
  • Introducing Om Nelle — For the first time ever, a little candy-eating monster girl.
  • Fun to watch — See your pet react to you in hundreds of hilarious ways! They get sick when ignored, so make sure that you are caring and attentive.
  • Unleash creativity — Give your Om Nom a great new look with hundreds of customization options.
  • Decorate your home — From a modest shack to a luxury townhouse. Then visit other players’ houses and see who is the better decorator.
  • Play mini games — Send Om Nom on a space trip, or power up your brain with a ‘match-three’ puzzle.
  • Solve the mystery — Complete quests from the Professor to learn about the mysterious origins of Om Nom.

More information is available at

And here’s Om Nelle.

The 96.9-megabyte game requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later and does not contain In-App Purchases or third-party advertising.

Download My Om Nom for $5 in the App Store.