T-Mobile unveils Data Stash, your unused data now automatically rolls over

T-Mobile Data Stash

In its latest Un-carrier move, T-Mobile unveiled today Data Stash, a program in which all unused data automatically rolls over to the next month, for up to a year. The unused data, which is then put in the virtual Data Stash, can be used anytime during that year. To top it all off, the company is also stocking each Data Stash with 10 GB of free data.

“Can you imagine your gas station siphoning unused gas from your car each month? The US wireless industry is even worse. Americans have been gamed by the carriers into buying huge data plans – all to avoid getting screwed with overage penalties. Only to find out they bought more than they need which is then confiscated by the carrier. For the consumer it’s lose, lose,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere at the Un-carrier 8.0 event today. “That data is rightfully yours,” he added. “And, we’re putting an end to this appalling industry practice today. With Data Stash, when you buy additional high-speed data, there’s no need to lose what you don’t use.”

Unused data will be rounded up to the nearest megabyte, and will automatically roll into the Data Stash every month. Available January 2015 at no extra cost, Data Stash applies to T-Mobile users with a postpaid plan who purchased additional 4G LTE data, 3GB or more for smartphones, and 1 GB or more for tablets. This program is available to all new and existing T-Mobile customer, whether on an individual, family, or business plan. The company noted there is no limit to how much data you can store in your stash.

If that wasn’t enough, every Data Stash will be stocked with 10 GB of free 4G LTE data.

Before most carriers started offering unlimited calls, it was a common practice for them to roll over unused minutes of talk time to the next month. This move by T-Mobile will surely shake the industry one more time, hopefully forcing other carriers to offer similar programs.

Source: T-Mobile