DeviantArt app puts the world’s largest art gallery in your pocket

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Even if you don’t visit the website or have your own account, you’ve probably heard of DeviantArt. Practically any pop culture image search will result in at least a few links to the website, which gets about 65 million unique hits per month. Imagine if 65 million people visited the Museum of Modern Art every month?

The DeviantArt app is the website’s official mobile app. Now, you can browse through the hundreds of millions of original works of art right on your iPhone screen using a specially designed interface to enhance your viewing experience.

The app features six main topics similar to the website’s interface. Under the “Today” section, users can check out curated posts of art and news from the editorial team. The “What’s Hot” section lists the most talked about art under all categories. You can also browse amazing art that hasn’t yet been popularized in the “Undiscovered” section. Don’t forget to check out the Daily Deviations to see featured artists and works.

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Users can browse through a vast array of artworks from more than 32 million artists. When you find something you like, you’ll also be presented with a list of additional pieces or artists that fit the same style under the “More like this” tab.

Current members of DeviantArt can post updates on their page, submit new art to the website curators, and get notifications of mentions, replies and other messages. Access all of the journals, collections, and status updates that you follow from the Watch Feed.

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Members can also add comments to posts, add images to favorites, watch users, and more. Since DeviantArt is part gallery, part social network, having an account offers many features that keep you involved in the community.

Under the Explore section, you can discover art based on such topics as World of Warcraft, Gundam, Final Fantasy, and more. Pick a topic and check out fan art from all medium types. The website features traditional painting, sketching, and sculpture, as well as digital and pixel art, and photography.

If you find a piece of art you’d like to buy, and it’s for sale, you can open Safari from within the app and link to the artist’s seller page to purchase it.

DeviantArt is available for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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