With new Password Changer feature, Dashlane can change all your passwords at once

Password Changer

Password manager Dashlane introduced today Password Changer, a new feature that allows you to change all your passwords at once, including accounts secured by two-factor authentication. Powered by Dashlane’s recent acquisition of startup PassOmatic came up with the core technology, the feature, that is just entering beta, currently works with about 70 different websites, including Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, but will open up to more sites in the future.

The passwords are randomly generated, but the company says that users will be able to choose their own passwords in a future update. Also available in a future update, the ability to change all passwords on a recurring schedule, an option that would surely boost the security of any web account.


With the multitude of various recent hacks, Passsword Changer will definitely be a great feature to update potentially compromised accounts’ passwords, or just to make sure these passwords are regularly updated.

But of course, this means that you have to give your entire trust to Dashlane, an app that recently made it on our list of best password manager apps. Unlike industry leader 1Password, Dashlane works on a subscription basis, with an annual cost of $39.99 if you want to be able to sync your passwords between devices.

As a 1Password user, I don’t really see myself making the move to Dashlane just for Password Changer, but I sure hope the folks at AgileBits will somehow replicate this great feature.

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Source: The Verge