Thermos lets you set your Nest thermostat temperature from OS X Notification Center

Thermos Notification Center Nest widget

Thermos is a recently released Mac application that works hand in hand with Nest to allow you to set the temperature of your thermostat right from Notification Center. Additionally, and if you also have Nest Protect smoke detectors in your home, the app will be able to send you push notifications in case smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected by the devices.

After downloading the app, and granting it access to your Nest account you will have to add the widget to Notification Center. The widget displays the current temperature, the set temperature, and provides two options to change this temperature by either using the slider or simply by clicking on the up or down arrows.

This is a convenient and elegant alternative to using the official Nest app for iOS as it allows you to quickly and easily see what the temperature is like and set it as you see fit without having to pull your iPhone out of your pocket, assuming you’re sitting in front of your computer of course.

If you’re a Nest Protect user, you can also choose to receive notifications for when your alarm goes off, whether it is because smoke or high carbon monoxide has been detected. For some reason, I wasn’t able to turn this feature on. Every time I check the box to allow notifications from Nest Protect and quit the app, it forgets this setting. I’m sure this is something that will quickly be fixed in a future update though.

Beside this little bug, a small annoyance is that you cannot turn your Nest on or off from Notification Center. As a matter of fact, this widget will not work at all if your Nest isn’t on. Having the option to turn the Nest on, off, or on “away,” would be an addition that I’m sure many users would welcome.

Thermos is $2.99 in the Mac App Store. Nest and Nest Protect users will surely find it a worthy addition to Notification Center.

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Nest products make for great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. They’re not cheap, but they work well and always are a interesting conversation pieces in your home. You can get Nest for $249 and Nest Protect for $99 on Amazon.

Download Thermos for $2.99 in the Mac App Store.

Source: MacG