iCloud Photos app updated with new uploading capabilities

icloud photos upload

Apple updated its iCloud.com Photos app today, enabling the ability to upload photos. The feature, which developers have been testing on the iCloud beta site for the past two weeks, allows users to upload images to iCloud Photo Library.

Previously, those with iCloud Photo Library enabled in iOS 8 could view, download and delete their photos on iCloud.com, but there was no way to upload them. Now users can upload images—including those not taken with an iOS device.

If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, a Photos app appears in your dashboard on iCloud.com. Within the app you should now see an upload option, and once you’ve selected your photos, they’ll sync to all of your iCloud-enabled devices.

It’s worth noting that only JPG photos are supported at this time, so no PNGs or movie files. Users should also understand that photos uploaded to iCloud Photo Library take up iCloud storage space—which for many people is limited to 5GB.

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