Apple testing upload functionality on iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos Beta (upload functionality 001)

As part of yesterday’s batch of Apple app refreshes, among them the iMovie for iOS update which has enabled support for iCloud Photo Library and the ability to share videos with iCloud Photo Sharing, Apple has now added upload functionality to a beta version of the iCloud Photos web app available to registered iOS developers.

The features makes it easy to use a desktop computer to upload JPG images using the web interface at, making them available on all iOS devices and Macs that have iCloud Photo Library turned on.

Upon logging in to with your developer account, you should see the new Upload option added to the toolbar at the top of the interface, like this.

iCloud Photos Beta (upload functionality 002)

Clicking the option brings up a file chooser allowing you to select one or more images in the JPG format. A handy upload progress indicator at the bottom of the page shows the progress of your image uploads.

iCloud Photos Beta (upload functionality 003)

After the images have been uploaded, all iOS devices with iCloud Photo Library enabled will download full resolution or device-optimized photos, depending on your preferences, when on Wi-Fi.

For the time being, it’s not possible to upload photos and videos in .PNG, .MOV, .MP4 and other file formats that iOS supports. Again, this feature is currently enabled only for Apple’s registered iOS developers with access to a beta version of the iCloud portal through

Consumer iCloud accounts should gain photo upload functionality in the coming weeks.

Any uploaded images count against your iCloud storage quota.

Apple offers five gigabytes of iCloud storage space for free and has recently decreased pricing of storage upgrades. Now you can boost your iCloud storage to twenty gigabytes for 99 cents per month (200 gigabytes for $3.99) or upgrade your iCloud account to a cool 1 terabyte of storage for a monthly fee of $19.99

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