Slated keyboard for iOS 8 translates text in real time

slated 2

The folks at Gist have added a new third party iOS 8 keyboard for your consideration, called Slated. Admittedly, this area is starting to become crowded, but unlike the other offerings that aim to add colors or new input methods to your keyboard, it has a more serious task.

Slated has the ability to translate what you type into more than 80 languages, in real time. Simply pick a language, start typing, and watch the evolving translation appear below the text entry field. It also translates backwards, so you can participate in complete conversations.

The keyboard itself looks identical to the stock keyboard, which is perfect for its functionality. Your real-time translation appears where you’d normally see autocorrect suggestions, above the keyboard, as do backward translations—which you can evoke by copying the text.

slated 1

While there are other iOS 8 keyboards that translate text, the streamlined UI and UX of Slated put it in a league of its own. You can literally have entire conversations with people you wouldn’t normally understand, or you can use it to help you begin learning a new language.

Slated is available for both the iPhone and iPad, and is 50% off right now in the App Store at $2.99. If you’re still on the fence, TechCrunch has a great video of the keyboard in action.