Experience Instagram in a whole new way with Grids for Mac

Grids for OS X 1.0 (Mac screenshot 001)

There’s no shortage of unofficial Instagram clients for the Mac, even if the vast majority of them offer limited functionality and clunky user interfaces. Enter Grids by ThinkTime Creations, a beautiful new way to experience Instagram on your Mac with its adaptive grid-based interface, deep interactions and a number of other compelling features.

The $1.99 app, which launched earlier today, offers full Retina display support, native full-screen mode, notifications for new feeds, the ability to interact with your followers, their Instagram snaps and videos and much more.

Grids, supports both Instagram photos and videos.

The minimalist app has an adaptive user interface which automatically scales from a single-column layout to a full-blown full screen mode that gets rid of all the buttons and other UI elements, so you can fully focus on Instagram photos and videos presented as a grid of thumbnails.

Grids for OS X 1.0 (Mac screenshot 002)

Grids for OS X 1.0 (Mac screenshot 003)

Like other Instagram clients, Grids makes it easy to follow people, like photos and videos and comment on them. To help surface interesting content, it can populate your feed with the photos people around you have uploaded. I often use this feature to discover shots of local landmarks and other points of interest when traveling.

Grids for OS X 1.0 (Mac screenshot 004)

You can also bookmark not just people and individual photos, but locations and hashtags as well. As mentioned before, you can opt to get notified throughout the OS X Notification Center when new photos are added to your feed so you don’t miss a thing.

Grids for OS X 1.0 (Mac screenshot 005)

If you’re an Instagram fan in the never-ending search of a better way to enjoy the popular photography service on your Mac, you can’t go wrong with Grid. The app gets the job done in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and then some more.

Note you still have to use Instagram’s mobile client to upload photos and videos to the service because Instagram hasn’t exposed uploading functionality to third-party applications.

Key highlights:

  • Beautiful and sleek adaptive UI. Fully retina display support.
  • View your feed, liked photos, popular photos and nearby photos.
  • Like, comment on photos/videos. Follow people.
  • See user profile and following/followers. Search for people and hashtags.
  • Get notification when new feed is available.
  • Bookmark people, locations, hashtags and individual photos/videos.

Grids for Mac is available on the Mac App Store for a launch price of $1.99, for a limited time. The 11.4-megabyte download requires a Mac with a 64-bit Intel processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

For those wondering, Grids is ready for OS X Yosemite.

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