Fitbit currently has no plans to integrate with iOS 8 Health app

FitBit Force (image 002)

It looks like Fitbit won’t be sharing data with the new iOS 8 Health app anytime soon. Responding to a question in support forums, a representative for the company said that it “currently has no plans to integrate with HealthKit.”

The rep adds that HealthKit is an interesting new platform that Fitbit will be watching as it matures, as it looks for opportunities to improve the user experience. “But at the moment,” he says, it’s working on “other exciting projects.”

Fitbit was the top manufacturer of fitness trackers in the first quarter of 2014, accounting for nearly 50% of shipments. So you can see why it snubbing Apple’s new HealthKit platform, even if it’s a temporary thing, is significant.

Launched with iOS 8.0.2 last month, HealthKit enables iOS developers to share data with Apple’s Health app. The software is built to aggregate all of a user’s health data into a single dashboard, giving them a snapshot of their health.

A number of high profile developers have already added HealthKit support to their fitness-tracking apps including Jawbone, My Fitness Pal, and CARROT Fit. For more apps that integrate with the new iOS 8 Health app, click here.

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