Quickly share to Twitter or Facebook with TapToShare iOS 8 widget

TapToShare Facebook Twitter widget

TapToShare is a new widget for Notification Center that lets you quickly post to Twitter or Facebook. The widget adds shortcuts to both social networks in the Today tab, and when tapping on one of these shortcuts, it launches the TapToShare app and automatically opens up a share sheet for the selected service.

TapToShare surely is a quick way to share to Twitter or Facebook but it still feels more like a workaround than a native solution. The fact that it must launch the TapToShare app first is the big downside of this widget, but it is a necessary evil as Apple wouldn’t allow the app in the App Store otherwise – it would likely consider it a “misuse” of Notification Center widgets.

I like the simplicity and the rapidity with which you can post to Twitter or Facebook, which are the two only supported services so far. If anything, I’d like to see the app gain support for other services in future updates, such as a quick way to create an email or even a new message. Being able to reorder the shortcuts in Notification Center would be great too, although I might just be too demanding at this point.

TapToShare is as good as it gets so far. It offers a simple, semi-elegant, and quick way to publish your best writing to Twitter or Facebook. It is available for free in the App Store.

Jailbreakers looking for a more integrated solution can look into tweaks such as Activator or Share Widget for iOS 7.

Thanks Shawn and Jedediah!