Apple rumored to unveil rebranded Beats Music service in February

Following up on yesterday’s news that Apple is looking to sunset the Beats Music brand, Recode reports today that Apple has picked a timeframe for when it wants to unveil the new service. The site says it hopes to make the introduction sometime in early February, possibly time to the Grammy Awards.

Recode’s John Paczkowski hedges on the claim, calling it “a guess backed up by some industry scuttlebutt,” but given his track record in predicting Apple’s plans, we’d be crazy not to pay attention. The one thing he hasn’t heard, however, is what the company plans on calling the new subscription service.

For those that missed it yesterday, TechCrunch reported that Apple was looking to “shutdown Beats Music,” and that several of its engineers were already working on other projects. A scoop from Recode helped clarify things a bit, saying that Apple is keeping the service, just ditching its current branding.

Tim Cook and other executives have publicly named Beats Music as a major factor in why Apple paid $3 billion for its parent company. In fact, Cook has said on several occasions that it’s the “first music subscription service that really got it right.” So it’ll be interesting to see what Apple has planned for it.