Apple confirms that left-handed users can invert Apple Watch to wear it on their right arm

Apple Watch steel case milanese loop

Left-handed users needn’t worry because Apple’s newly-introduced smartwatch can be inverted and worn on the right arm for left-handed use, an Apple spokesman has confirmed to Business Insider on Wednesday. Apple’s promotional videos and all the images used on the Apple Watch webpage depict the device being worn on the left arm and used by right-handed people.

That the Apple Watch is friendly to the lefties should come as a relief to the approximately ten percent of the world’s population who are more skillful with their left hands when performing tasks.

Specifically, when you first switch on the device, it offers an option between either a left-handed or right-handed use.

The Apple Watch is available in three collections, six finishes, eighteen bands, two sizes and element different faces. Built-in apps include Messages, Phone, Fitness, Payments, Maps, Siri, with more to come by way of Apple-sanctioned third-party development.

Hours for iPhone, for instance, is one of the more interesting third-party apps that will be available on the Apple Watch from day one. The Apple Watch starts at $349 and will be available in early-2015.

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