NYT: U2 to play role in tomorrow’s Apple event

u2 bono

It sounds like U2 is going to be involved in tomorrow’s festivities after all. Citing sources familiar with the matter, The New York Times is reporting this evening that the popular rock band will be performing at Apple’s iPhone 6 event tomorrow, and even says that it will reveal an integration with Apple’s products that is connected to its next album.

Exactly what U2 will reveal in the morning, and how it’s connected to Apple, is unclear. Last week speculation regarding the band’s involvement in the event arose following a secret video shoot in Dublin, which music promotor Stephen Browne said had something to do with a phone. A spokesperson for the group later denied these claims.

The Times goes on to say that its sources quickly dismissed the notion that U2’s new album will come pre-loaded on the iPhone 6, but did say that the band’s deal with Apple would involve the release of new music in an “innovative way.” It’s tough to guess what it may be referring to, as there’s been little rumor mill chatter recently regarding iTunes.

Apple has a long history with U2, which includes collaborations on everything from iPods, to fundraising for Bono’s high profile Product Red charity, so their participation in tomorrow’s ‘historic‘ event would make sense. Bono was a long-time friend of Steve Jobs, and is said to be close with Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine, who now works at Apple.

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