New photos depict alleged production iPhone 6 model with color-matched antenna breaks

iPohne 6 (backplate, NowhereElse 001)

Following a steady stream of leaks of purported iPhone 6 components shown off on numerous photographs and depicted in video clips, French publication Friday morning published a set of high-quality images of a claimed production model of the handset.

The curious shots offer a better look at the antenna breaks visible on the model’s rear casing. Also, the casing itself appears to be a variant of Space Gray finish of the iPhone 5s while the antenna breaks are colored to match the rest of the shell. notes [Google Translate] that the images, originally published on Weibo, offer the best look yet at what the handset feels in one’s hand. For those wondering, the photos appear to be for a 4.7-inch device.

As you can see for yourself, the controversial antenna breaks at the top and the bottom of the rear shell — right where glass would normally be found on an iPhone 5/5s — look much better compared to the earlier leaks and blurry shots we’ve seen to date.

iPohne 6 (backplate, NowhereElse 002)iPohne 6 (backplate, NowhereElse 003)

Other than that, the images of this claimed production model of the iPhone 6 don’t reveal anything we didn’t know from prior leaks. It’s interesting that the antenna breaks are color-matched to the subtle Space Gray-like appearance of this particular casing.

iPohne 6 (backplate, NowhereElse 004)

If this is indeed a design feature, than Black, Space Gray and Gold iPhone 6 models should all have color-matched antenna breaks. These gaps are said to allow the transmission of radio signals through the otherwise all-metal casing of the handset.

Of course, the final iPhone 6 version coming out of production lines should look even better and be more shiny than these shots thanks to Apple’s famous fit and finish.

Yesterday, Apple issued invites for a media event scheduled on September 9, 2014 at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino at 10:00AM PST. According to Re/code, the firm will also debut a wearable device alongside a pair of new iPhones.

Here are some additional images from the Chinese web forum Wei Feng.

iPohne 6 (Wei Fang 002)

iPohne 6 (frontplate, Wei Fang 001)

iPohne 6 (Wei Fang 003)

What do you think about these thick bands? Are they just an eye sore? Note that it’s entirely possible that these ribbons actually are placeholders that would be replaced with glass parts in the final model.

And while we’re at it, how do you like the iPhone 6’s design in general?

I don’t mind the antenna breaks and think it’s terrific that the handset is harkening back to the days of the original iPhone in terms of the looks.

[Weibo via, Wei Feng]