Starbucks offering free month of Lumosity Premium as its ‘Pick of the Week’


Heads up US-based readers, Starbucks is currently offering a free month of Lumosity’s Premium service as its App Store ‘Pick of the Week.’ The promotion is worth a solid savings of $15, and opens up additional games and features for an already extremely popular app.

For those unfamiliar with Lumosity, it’s essentially “sophisticated, scientifically designed brain training for anyone.” The iOS app, which currently has a 5-star rating on 85K+ reviews, offers games that help improve skills in the areas of memory, problem-solving and more.

The app itself is free, and is available on several platforms. The Premium service that Starbucks is offering for free right now includes 40 additional web games, personalized brain training with daily workouts, performance tracking, and comparisons with similar age groups.

The special must be activated on an iPhone or iPod Touch using the Starbucks app, available here. Starbucks typically offers free apps and other iTunes items as part of its in-store ‘Pick of the Week’ promo, but it seems like this is the first time it’s offering an in-app purchase.

The deal ends November 18th. You can find the Lumosity app for iOS in the App Store for free.