Tempo becomes the first iPhone calendar app with Uber integration

Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4.2 for iOS (Uber integration)

After adding in Reminders and Waze integration, Mailbox support and other new features to Tempo earlier in the summer, now developers behind the smart iOS calendar application have issued another update making it the first iPhone calendar app that integrates with Uber, the tremendously popular ride-sharing service.

Uber integration is another way Tempo ensures that you’re never late to that crucial meeting.

Unlike the vast majority of alternatives to the stock iOS Calendar app offered in the App Store, Tempo sets itself apart with a built-in smart assistant which anticipates what you need and surfaces that information right in the calendar, when you need it most…

According to the company:

Whether you’re headed across town to grab dinner with a client or catching a flight home, your Uber is waiting – right in your Tempo calendar event. Thanks to Uber’s new API, Tempo makes it easier than ever to get where you are going.

You can easily see estimated Uber pick-up times, check out fares and possible car types and even request a ride — all without ever leaving Tempo. Just tap the new Uber icon in the map inside your event summary view to see the estimated pickup time, possible car types and fares.

Best of all, it’s all on auto-pilot because Tempo will talk to the Uber cloud and pass along your calendar details with pick-up location.

“Make your request and your driver will arrive already knowing where you are going,” developers explain. “Those details are passed seamlessly from your calendar event to Uber.

Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4 for iOS (Reminders, iPhone screenshot 001)Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4 for iOS (Natural Language Processing, iPhone screenshot 002)

Key highlights:

  • We’re excited to be a launch partner with Uber! Now, you’re one tap away from an Uber ride.
  • Features:
    • Uber integrated: Get your estimated pick-up time, rates, and driver right from the event summary.
    • Preference for NLP: Go to Settings to turn On / Off Natural Language Input.
  • Bug fixes
    • Add Event: Events no longer jump to the next day when it is past the time of the event.
    • Contacts: Improved accuracy for the content on your profile card

Tempo is one of the following 11 launch partners with Uber API integration: Expensify, Hinge, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Momento, OpenTable, Starbucks Coffee Company, Tempo Smart Calendar, Time Out, TripAdvisor, TripCase and United Airlines.

More information about the game-changing Uber API is available here.

Uber API (teaser 001)

Earlier updates have enhanced Tempo’s functionality with such features as People Insights and Smart Alerts, free conference calls with up to five participants and more.

I couldn’t stress enough how important is the fact that Tempo couples an advanced natural language processing engine to a sophisticated AI and semantic technology from SRI International.

You may remember SRI as the startup behind the personal assistant app Siri which Apple acquired. The fact should be enough to assure you of Tempo’s natural language processing superiority. And besides, its built-in smart assistant and AI is definitely not a toy.

Best of all, Tempo is available free of charge.

What are you waiting for? Give Tempo a whirl, you won’t regret it.

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