Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4: Reminders, Waze integration, events in natural language and more

Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4 for iOS (teaser 000)

Available free of charge in the App Store, Tempo 1.4 adds several long-expected features like Waze integration for community-based traffic reports, native support for iOS Reminders, more timely notifications for flights and conference calls, updated contact details on Profile Cards and more.

Perhaps the biggest new feature, Tempo 1.4 now lets you add events in plain English. The app will parse your spoken query and recognize the days of the weeks, time, holidays, repeating events and more. Jump past the fold for the full list of changes…

Tempo sets itself apart from other calendar apps on the App Store by implementing advanced features that turn it into an assistant which can anticipate what you need and surface that information right in the calendar, when you need it most.

By eliminating the need to use multiple apps to cull relevant emails, find contact information, notify attendees if you’re running late or get directions to your next event, Tempo does more in one tap, so you never miss a beat.

In addition to integration with iOS Reminders and Waze, a refreshed UI and personalized emails to help users prepare for their workweek, the all-new natural language processing engine is no toy.

It actually leverages sophisticated AI and semantic technology from SRI International, the startup behind the personal assistant app Siri that Apple acquired.

Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4 for iOS (Natural Language Processing, iPhone screenshot 002)Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4 for iOS (Reminders, iPhone screenshot 001)Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4 for iOS (Running Late, iPhone screenshot 003)
Left: Natural Language Processing; Middle: iOS  Right: Running Late

Key highlights include:

  • Add events with natural language – A mobile calendar is as much about viewing events as it is adding them. In fact, on average Tempo users create a calendar event about once every two times they open the app. This is the fastest-growing experience in Tempo and it continues to grow. Now, in Tempo, users can add an event in plain English (e.g., “Coffee w/ Tracy next Tues at 2 to 3”), making it even easier to manage valuable time.
  • iOS Reminders built right into the calendar – Productivity hinges on focusing on the tasks that matter most. Now, with the iOS Reminders app integrated in Tempo Smart Calendar, users can add, view and complete tasks with due dates directly from their calendar. Over 14 percent of calendar events created by users are tasks, and integration with iOS Reminders helps people stay on top of their task management.
  • New design – Tempo’s design has always been a mix of beauty and brains. With this release, the company has added new contextual icons, more one-tap actions and new calendar views that are sure to delight everyone from the light calendar user to the heavy meeting warrior.
  • Waze integration – Tempo continues to integrate more data sources and services right into the calendar. Recently, Tempo integrated Speek’s free conference calling service and today, Tempo is announcing the integration of the popular Waze app to the calendar. Now, users can get community-based directions to meetings and events and avoid accidents, roadblocks and backups.
  • Smart personalized email – Tempo’s powerful artificial intelligence engine acts like a smart assistant to understand what content is most important. Now, Tempo will send a personalized email suggesting follow-ups with people, news about relevant people and companies and more to better help users follow up on their workweek and prepare for what’s to come.

Download Tempo Smart Calendar 1.4 free in the App Store.

The iPhone and iPad app requires iOS 7.0 or later.