In Boshi, you must be a stealthy lumberjack to avoid the wolf pack

Boshi 3

Most stealth games require the player to stay hidden until out of the line of sight of others. Moving from one room to another without getting caught is harder than you’d think. But, what if there are no rooms to hide in and the sound of trees falling in the forest will also set off the alarm?

Boshi is a sort of stealth game where players must chop down trees without being seen or heard by nearby wolves. If you get caught, your only help is a flare gun with four flares. Good luck fending off all of those hungry wolves…

Players control a flannel-wearing lumberjack as he heads out on a two-dimensional plane, looking for trees that are ready for chopping. Not all trees are willing to give up their ghost to this persistent worker. Players must wander around on a grid, looking for “ripe” pines.

Boshi 2

To move, use the virtual D-pad. To chop, tap the virtual “A” button. The “B” button is for firing the flare gun. You can move the controls around on the screen wherever you feel most comfortable, so small hands, long fingers, and lefties can play the game how they like.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the wolves? As your trusty lumberjack goes on about his daily task, he must stay aware of nearby wildlife. If you get too close to a wolf, he may see you, or even hear your footsteps. Even if you are far away, trees do make a sound when they fall in a forest, and wolves are around to hear them. The hungry beasts will be on your scent before you can chop down another pine.

Boshi 1

You can try to outrun the ravaging creature, but chances are he will get to you before you can escape. Plus, if you are not careful, you may find yourself running into another pack of wolves around the corner.

Your best hope is to scare off the pack by shooting a flare. You’ve only got five with you on each level, so use them wisely. Better yet, avoid getting caught by the wolves and you’ll save a lot of hassle.

Boshi is available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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