WidgetMemo lets you create memos you can pin to Notification Center

WidgetMemo 1

Whenever someone tells me something important to remember, or I have a thought that I don’t want to forget, I write it down on whatever scrap of paper I have within arms reach. Oftentimes, those notes get tossed out with the garbage and I forget about them anyway.

WidgetMemo aims to stop the unnecessary loss of important notes by letting you create them on your iPhone using a simple user-interface. Your memos can easily be viewed in Notification Center, where you presumably check regularly throughout the day anyway. So, you’ll never forget what you were supposed to remember…

In the app, create a new memo by pulling down on the screen. Type the note or reminder you want to add and then tap “Save.” The memo will be available within the app at anytime so you can easily see it on the list. You can change the order of your memos to list the most important first, or put the newest ones at the top. When you have addressed the memo, you can send it to the “Old” section by tapping the “X” next to it.

WidgetMemo 2

For example, if you wrote yourself a note to remember to pick up milk on the way home from work, and you did that, tap the X to remove it from the list of memos to remember.

If you run out of milk again, you can add that memo back to your list instead of having to write a new one. Go to the “Old” section and drag the item back to the current memo list.

WidgetMemo 3

The best part about this productivity app is that you can send these memos to Notification Center so they will be listed with all of the other important tasks or notifications you have for the day. If you regularly access Notification Center to see what you have on your plate, this app is going to work great for you. It’s like having a refrigerator full of reminders right in your pocket.

If you want to quickly jot down where you parked your car, or remember a temporary password, add a memo and keep it in Notification Center and you won’t even have to unlock your phone to see the note.

WidgetMemo is available for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.