Facebook updates Slingshot with new My People tab, added reactions and more

facebook slingshot

In addition to its small Messenger update this afternoon, Facebook has pushed out a new version of Slingshot. This brings the Snapchat competitor to version 1.1, and adds a new My People tab, more ways to respond to reactions, and other improvements.

The new My People Tab helps streamline the user experience, as you can now see all of your friends in one place. And thanks to the added reactions, users can now respond to messages with either a photo, video or text. We’ve got the full change log below…

Here are your release notes:

What’s New in Version 1.1
• More reactions! Respond to any reaction with a photo, video or text
• Use the new My People tab to see everyone in one place
• Find your Facebook friends and phone contacts more easily
• Shoot crisp, clear videos even faster than before
• Improved reliability for sign-up confirmation codes
• Plus, a bunch of bug fixes and other tweaks to keep things running smoothly

For those who haven’t used Slingshot yet, it’s a new app Facebook released last month to challenge Snapchat. It’s similar in that photos and videos disappear, but it’s different in that in order for recipients to view them, they must send a photo or video of their own.

It’s interesting because Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, launched its own Snapchat competitor this week called Bolt. Content lasts a little longer here—up to 30 days—but users have the option to retract photos or videos within a few moments of sending them.

I’m not quite sure what Facebook has in mind for all of these messaging apps, or if it even plans on keeping all of them, but they’re still probably each worth checking out. If you’re interested, you can find the iPhone-only Slingshot app in the App Store for free.