Colorado landscapes wallpapers


During the last two months, the Wallpapers of the Week section was populated with contrived or graphically designed wallpapers. While walls like the “Complex Geometry” and Puerta del Sol Apple Store opening were very well received, today we celebrate natural beauty of the Colorado landscape.

A skill I always envy is an artist’s ability to capture nature through a camera lens. Much more complicated than pointing and shooting your Photo app on a smartphone, true beauty is difficult to capture. An artist I keep up with published these images recently and shared them through Twitter. Get downloading!


Today’s wallpaper entries are courtesy of Solefield Photography. Lauren’s images are always excellent snapshots of the great outdoors, or sometimes her favorite pups. To keep up, catch her on Twitter @Solefield or browse her additional work on Deviant Art. The iOS device wallpaper images were captured in Keystone, Colorado.


Download: Left; Right

For those commenters each week who complain about never getting a desktop wallpaper, we have an option for you today. While the Wallpapers of the Week section is specifically designed to share images for iOS devices, we do aim to please. In an effort to make some people happy, below is another fantastic image by Solefield. The treetop canopy was captured in Golden, CO.

Dancing Wallpaper Solefield Preview

Download: Dancing


The wallpaper section is a collaboration of iDB editors and the readers. Often, images collected for the section are submitted via Twitter to me directly @jim_gresham, where I often pass along great images that I find, or even retweet wallpapers stumbled across in my daily interactions. Follow along for some great images.

Additionally, you can pass images to A word of caution: images are not considered viable submissions unless they are formatted for an iOS device. Do not simply pass along an un-edited snapshot from your last beach vacation. We are looking for quality!

How about those Solefield pictures?!