Wii-like dance party in the living room via Apple TV? Yes, please!

Dance Party 1.0 for iOS (image 002)

Back in June, India-based Rolocule Games teased its upcoming Dance Party game which would supposedly bring multiplayer fun to the living room with a little help from Apple’s AirPlay technology and the $99 Apple TV media-streaming box.

At first, I was skeptical. But as Dance Party launched earlier today in the App Store as a free download, I’ve come to the realization that my fears were unfounded.

Yes, the game indeed works as advertised!

Dance Party really has to be seen live to be fully appreciated. Much like dance games on the Nintendo Wii, users mimic the onscreen dancer to get feedback on how they are doing. The game is basically airplayed from an iPhone to the Apple TV and takes advantage of Rolocule’s award-winning motion tracking technology called Rolomotion…

As if that weren’t enough, Dance Party also tracks your calories so that you can enjoy a fun workout while busting a move.

Here’s a launch trailer.

And this is your gameplay video.

Games like Dance Party prove Apple doesn’t really need to engineer a dedicated game console from scratch, as pundits have been arguing for ages.

If you ask me, nothing beats the simplicity of just downloading an app from the App Store which airplays itself to your TV while using your iOS device and tapping its sensors as a sophisticated controller.

I know AirPlay suffers from a delay which makes action games tough to master, but Dance Party isn’t an action title and you’ll barely notice any lag.

Dance Party 1.0 for iOS (image 006)

Summing up, Dance Party is a great multiplayer experience for that fun family game night or a house party. You can simultaneously connect up to four iOS devices together, online dance offs are supported, in addition to solo dances.

Features include:

  • Move it: Dance to 5 foot-tapping songs, that will make you feel the groove and shake a leg, appealing to everyone.
  • Work it: Get accurate calories burnt as you dance, manage your daily, weekly and monthly calories counts.
  • Party with your friends in Real Time Multiplayer: Its your time to shine, dance with your friends together in a group in real time multiplayer. With support of up to 4 players that can dance simultaneously on a song.
  • Party with your family in Turn Based Multiplayer: Perfect for families to have a fun time taking turn based multiplayer to a new level. Enjoy a local tournament with up to 5 players and get bragging rights on scoring that win.

Dance Party 1.0 for iOS (image 001)

The game requires Airplay Mirroring and is compatible with the iPhone 4s and above and the fifth-generation iPod touch. It won’t work on the iPad, iPhone 4 or earlier and the fourth-gen iPod touch.

Download Dance Party free in the App Store.

To learn more, hop over to the official Dance Party website.