BioShock may finally be coming to iOS


We’ve been hearing rumors since 2008 that 2K was bringing its popular first person shooter BioShock to mobile platforms. At one point, they actually released a trailer for the game, and named IG Fun Studios as its mobile port partner.

But somewhere along the way, the concept got shelved, and was never mentioned again—until now. Yesterday, 2K tweeted the above photo followed by ‘#discuss,’ and many believe it’s a hint the BioShock mobile project is back in gear…

TouchArcade’s Eli Hodapp explains:

So, some back-story: In Bioshock, Eve’s Garden is a “exotic dancing venue” found inside Fort Frolic. It’s home to the boss fight with Hector Rodriguez and a particularly creepy audio diary. The image they tweeted is an in-game poster for Eve’s Garden, featuring the curious (for our interests anyway) tagline “Come bite the Apple!” Does this meanBioshock is coming to iOS?

Admittedly, this is a pretty big stretch. Keep in mind, though, that Apple announced a new gaming tech for iOS 8 last month called Metal that will greatly improve graphics and performance, and it’s expected to draw more high-profile titles.

Also, 2K reposted the image to its UK Twitter account this morning:

Of course, this could certainly mean something else. But given that mobile BioShock did exist at one point, and that iOS and Android platforms are so much more powerful now than they were 5 years ago, I’d say this is as good of a guess as any.

What do you think?