Cannonball email app now available on iPhone

Cannonball 1

Last week, we gave you a list of our favorite email apps for iPad. Most of the apps on the list are universally available for all iOS devices. However, there is one on the list that, until now was only available on the iPad.

Cannonball received a big update this week that makes the third-party email app available on both the iPad and the iPhone. Now, you can keep your email activities the same across all devices…

The app was specifically designed for the touch screen experience. The gesture controls allow you to swipe to archive, drag and drop to relocate, and separate your emails into subscriptions and personal sections.

If you get a lot of emails every day from flash sale sites, newsletters, and other advertising agencies, they will automatically be sent to a separate section, called “Subscriptions.” That way, you can tackle the important emails before spending time shopping for online goods.

Cannonball 3

If the app misses an email that you consider a subscription, you can drag and drop it from your personal inbox. Touch and hold the subject line until it hovers above the rest. Then, drag it to the subscription section in the middle of the screen.

If the app accidentally sends a personal email to your Subscription section, don’t worry. You can move that email back to the inbox by dragging and dropping it similar to the way noted above.

After you manually drag and drop an email from one section to another, the app remembers your action and puts all future emails in the same section.

Subscriptions are also grouped into different tabs so you can read all emails from one company in an attractive magazine, or blog roll style view. You can also delete groups in bulk. So, if you don’t want to be distracted by OneSaleADay, but you do want to check out Groupon, you can delete one group without missing out on the other.

Emails that go to your Subscription section are automatically marked as read. So, you won’t be distracted by that “unread” icon, calling you to read it.

Cannonball 4

Emails can also be separated by type. Search for emails based on finance, purchases, or travel. Categories are listed at the top of the screen. If you receive an itinerary from Southwest, you can quickly find it in the Travel section. Other categories include sent emails, emails with attachments, flagged emails, and unread emails.

Cannonball is now available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.