Misfit and Beddit launch paper-thin sleep monitoring iOS accessory

Misfit Beddit Sleep System (image 002)

Misfit, which created the sleek Shine fitness tracker, has partnered with Beddit, the maker of sleep-analysis accessories, on the Misfit Beddit Sleep System, an ultra-thin sleep monitoring gadget which works with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

The “paper-thin” strip-like sensor tracks sleep cycles by measuring physiological signals that affect your sleep quality. The data is then wirelessly passed along to the free Misfit for iPhone app over Bluetooth for detailed analysis of a user’s heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring and sound…

The software tracks your sleep duration and quality, time to fall asleep, sleep cycles, snoring and respiration rates.

In addition to sleep analysis, the app lets you set goals, view detailed graphs, use the Smart Alarm feature to wake yourself gradually and gently during a light sleep cycle and more. You can even listen to a variety of custom sounds to soothe yourself to sleep.

Misfit Beddit Sleep System (image 001)

Misfit recently extended the functionality of its iPhone app by adding support for the Pebble smartwatch, allowing customers to set their activity goals via the Pebble, track their progress and much more.

Misfit argues that the Beddit + Shine combo offers an integrated movement tracking capabilities and sleep analysis for a “comprehensive solution for wellness monitoring.”

According to Sonny Vu, CEO and founder of Misfit:

Shine delivered on the important function of activity tracking, but we saw that sleep tracking was one of the most engaging features because Shine does it automatically, unlike other activity monitors.

With Beddit, we’re making our sleep tracking functionality even more robust. Not only are we able to measure more, but even less is required of the user–a frictionless experience.

Available in black and white, the Misfit Beddit Sleep System can be purchased from the Misfit webstore for $149.99. To learn more about the Misfit Beddit Sleep System, check out the Misfit Wearables website.

When iOS 8 launches this Fall, your health and fitness data will no longer be imprisoned by apps. Thanks to a new iOS 8 Health application, apps will be able to plug into Apple’s HealthKit to share a wide range of fitness, movement and health data with the Health app, and with each other.

By making it easy to store data in a centralized location, users not apps will own their health and fitness data. Additionally, privacy controls will allow you to decide which data should be shared with apps.