Misfit unveils Pebble activity tracking app

Misfit and Pebble (teaser 003)

Kickstarter-funded smartwatch maker Pebble has teamed up with another young startup, Misfit, on an activity tracking application for the Pebble smartwatch that doesn’t require a dedicated tracking accessory or a smartphone to function.

Of course, the new Misfit Pebble app also talks to the official Misfit for iPhone software, which will be updated soon with support for setting your activity goals via the Pebble, tracking progress and more.

Pebble says it’s “the first milestone in an ongoing partnership,” but stopped short of specifying what other goals the arrangement with Misfit might entail…

Pebble underscores that the watchapp enables users to count steps and track their activity right from their wrists, no smartphone or a standalone accessory required.

A forthcoming Misfit iOS app refresh is optional and includes support for Pebble watches and additional metrics such as calories burned and distance traveled.

The Misfit watchapp can be downloaded now to your smartwatch free of charge from the Pebble App Store. Pebble previously partnered with the likes of RunKeeper, Strava and Puma on similar initiatives.

The Misfit partnership is important given the firm’s wearable expertise and especially considering its aluminum-clad physical activity tracker, the Shine, which we previewed last August.

Misfit Shine (teaer 002)

The beautiful accessory, pictured above, is carved out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. Unlike traditional pedometers, the waterproof gizmo taps Shine’s proprietary sensor algorithms to track cycling and swimming in addition to steps taken.

Apple showcased the Misfit Shine in its fitness-focused ‘Strength’ iPhone 5s commercial and on its webpage highlighting the apps featured in the advertisement.