Readdle updates Documents with background music, e-book reader, iPhone add-ons and more

Readdle Documents 5 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Back in February, Ukrainian developer Readdle gave its Documents for iOS app a thorough makeover, adding features like a much polished iPad interface with iOS 7-friendly styling, in-app integration with other Readdle apps, a brand new file manager and much more.

Available today, the¬†free Readdle Documents 5.1 download expands on the app’s features set with further improvements.

If you import audio files into Documents, the app now lets you play music in the background so you can, say, read a PDF document as the music plays. Speaking of PDFs, the new Documents at last includes a full-featured e-book reader…

Compatible with ePub and FB2 standards, the built-in e-reader makes it fun to consume the vast majority of downloadable e-books with features like bookmarks, page thumbnails, sepia/night mode and more.

Readdle Documents 5.1 for iOS (background music)
Background music in Documents 5.1.

As for other document types, the app now supports continuous scrolling, just like in PDF Expert 5. And if you own Readdle’s other apps like PDF Expert 5, Scanner Pro or Printer Pro, you’ll be able to take advantage of deep in-app integration on your iPhone, too. Previously, add-ons were limited to the iPad.

Readdle Documents 5.1 for iOS (e-reader)

Integration with other Readdle apps extends Documents’ functionality by making it easy to perform extra tasks provided by these apps without ever leaving Documents.

Key highlights include:

  • Background Music – Listen to your favorite music with no interruptions in background mode.
  • Full-featured Book Reader – The new ePub and FB2 readers allow you to read almost any book with various settings: sepia or night mode, fast bookmarks, thumbnails and much more.
  • Add-ons on iPhone – Now Documents 5 on iPhone supports Readdle add-ons such as PDF Expert 5, Scanner Pro and Printer Pro.
  • Improved UI and other features – Improved media player with new features and controller. The app is even more stable and visually refined.
  • –°ontinuous Scroll

Readdle’s blog post has more on the new features, if you’re interested.

Download Readdle Documents 5 free in the App Store.

The universal app requires iOS 7.0 or later.